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Meet our Friends

Carp Fair would like to introduce you to three extraordinary friends, Dairy calf, Bella, Beef calf, Darla and Mr. lamb Bullet. We hope you will follow them on their journey throughout the summer on their fair going adventures!

Follow them each week with their own hashtag# on the Carp Fair Ag Awareness Blog and then meet up with them for a selfie at the Fair September 22nd to 25th in the Agricultural Awareness Tent. ‪#‎CFBella‬ ‪#‎CFDarla‬ ‪#‎CFBullet

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Bella having a snack before she heads into the ring. Come see her at 10 in the showbarn! #CFBella


Darla and her friends are all settled into the barn for show day! The 4H beef show starts at 11 in the show barn, come see if you can spot Darla in the ring! #CFDarla


All in a Days Work

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Experts say it takes about 2 hours of work per year to maintain one ewe and her offspring on farm pasture. Farmers caring for 20 to 100 ewes thus would add 40 to 200 more hours of work to their regular duties.

While everyone knows about black sheep, not so well known are those that produce blond, red, beige, brown, silver, and grey wool. Breeders of such relative rarities usually belong to the Natural Colored Wool Growers Association (NCWGA),

Lambing #Bullet

Practice Makes Perfect

In showmanship it’s just as important how I look and stand as it is how Bella looks and stands.  Foot placement is very important to make sure Bella looks her best and this pic show how she needs to stand so the judge sees her best side. 

Blue Ribbon Winner

Congrats to Darla on her First winning ribbons  from the Pakenham Fair last weekend! Stop by to see her at Carp Fair and get a selfie with this star

What is the best way to beat the heat if your a sheep (well technically a lamb)… A Hair Cut! Can you name three items you can make with sheeps wool?

A nice walk on a hot summer night to keep us in good show shape!

Darla is getting a Shampoo and Blow-Dry Today!

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