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Darla’s Story

Meet DarlaMeet ‘Little Spring AV Darla 1D’!  Darla was born March 11th 2016 around 11pm. She is 4 months old now, she is still a calf.  Darla is a Purebred Black Angus.  The day she was first born I was so excited! I had a list of names to choose from that I had prepared well in advance, but none of them seemed to suit. I invited my best friend Taylor to come and see Darla, this is when she suggested the name Darla. She knew the name had to start with the letter “D” due to the fact that I name all my cattle in alphabetical order. Each year is a different letter, this way it helps me keep track how old each of my animals are. When Taylor said that name I knew it was perfect! It was not to girly and it suited her.   She was weighed, had her first milk called colostrums and had her navel disinfected right away to avoid infection.  She was also vaccinated orally against some common preventable diseases.  My family helps me with my calves and I help them out with their herd too!

Darla 2
Darla’s First Day on the Farm

Darla’s mother was the calf I started my heard with. Her name is Amber it starts with an A, as she was born in 2013. Amber was an orphaned calf.  I got her from Hank Van slot, a family friend.  I bottle fed her and she grew.  A little slower than if she had a Mom’s milk, but I showed her in 4-H and had so much fun with her.  Even though she isn’t a prize winning cow herself, she comes from a good line and has an excellent personality.  She is the best mother!

darla 3
Darla’s Mother Amber as a Calf

Darla looks just like her mother amber, with her long black eyelashes, soft brown eyes and shiny black hair. She also shares the temper of her mother which is laid back and happy.  Her father is SAV Angus Valley 1867. Darla and her mother have a amazing bond and she does not enjoyed being separated from her mother, which is to be expected. She is learning to be separate from her in short periods starting this week!  I enjoy talking her for walks around my house and brushing her in the shade.   Darla loves her grain but she can also be a little shy.

This is Darla and her friends, a white Charolais named Dermot and her cousin a little Black Angus Bull named Decalf at 2 months old ( Darla is below in the center)  Darla received her microchip angus certified ear tag and ear tattoo  around this time

Darla 6
Darla and her Friends, Decalf & Dermot
Darla 7
Darla at 4 months old. She is out on pasture and learning to lead on halter.
Darla 5
This is Amber as a Senior Yearling in 2014



Hello Bella

Meet my calf, her name is Glenholme Beauty Bella, She is about 4 months old. She is very friendly, and calm too. She is a really nice calf and she is very shiny, especially after her bath. She is really good at walking on and off a halter. She always gets her bath after she walks.   She likes being with other calves so she is not lonely.  She is really good with people, she lets them pet her and touch her. I walk her every week that I can. She has gotten really good compared to when I started walking her.

Meet our Friends

Carp Fair would like to introduce you to three extraordinary friends, Dairy calf, Bella, Beef calf, Darla and Mr. lamb Bullet. We hope you will follow them on their journey throughout the summer on their fair going adventures!

Follow them each week with their own hashtag# on the Carp Fair Ag Awareness Blog and then meet up with them for a selfie at the Fair September 22nd to 25th in the Agricultural Awareness Tent. ‪#‎CFBella‬ ‪#‎CFDarla‬ ‪#‎CFBullet

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