Carp Fair Ag Awareness Programs

Carp Fair is excited to offer a growing Agricultural Awareness Program where students and teachers are be welcomed into the Carp Arena and then split into groups for the 9 stations. Parent volunteers and teachers are part of each group.

Purpose: This program is designed to expose youth in Grade 4 to Agriculture and food production, and the role that agriculture plays in our community. Resources and focus are on linking to real life and awareness of our farming community.


Honey bees, Maple Syrup, Pigs, Field Crops, Horticulture Crops, Dairy, General Agriculture, Sheep and Lambs, Miniature Horses

Each station is designed and presented by a farmer or local expert and has designed their presentation to be interactive and geared to grade 4 level students. Each station is approximately 10 minutes long.

Students, teachers and parent volunteers are encouraged to ask questions and interact. At the end of the program, students will be offered chocolate milk provided by the program, and then have time to visit the rest of the fair.


_MG_5273  CF 2015 SaturdyOf particular interest will be the Agriculture tent – where there will be exhibits and experts on hand to have conversations and interaction about Milk production and technology (we will have a robotic milking machine on hand!!) as well as sheep shearing, rope making, and cutting edge UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technology used in crop scouting.

Story book farm also offers a look at other livestock and poultry up close, while in the Show Barn there are competitions of 4-H Youth (ages 9-21) showing their animals for judging. They will also be in the barns where students are welcome and encouraged to ask questions about their grooming, training and diet.

Carp Fair is very passionate about agriculture and welcomes your questions and comments on this program, or any others that might be of interest to you. If you are interested in school presentations, we would be happy to arrange some fun and educational opportunities to make agriculture part of your curriculum.